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Shaniece Vassell

Shaniece Vassell is an Educator Resource Facilitator for Peel (ERFP) and has been working with students with special needs such as autism for the past six years. She’s also the senior coordinator for PLAY (Physical Lifestyle for Autistic Youth), a non-profit organization that teaches students the fundamental skills of team sports while providing life skills. She has a diploma in social work and a degree in social science.

Shaniece had an issue finding books that autistic children could identify with, as well as she realized that a lot of these children's books didn't have children of colour in them. With this, she decided to fill in that gap with her children's book titled, Another Superhero Day. Shaniece shares that Autism Awareness is more than a month, but something that needs to be shared and talked about. She adds that the  spectrum is very unique in its own way and in this children’s book, readers will get a glimpse of their world in a creative way. Shaniece's children’s book was created to be a piece of their voice and representation of various children diagnosed with Autism. Shaniece concludes that being Autistic is who they are and we should all work to celebrate and appreciate their strength, courage and acknowledge that they are the true HEROS.

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