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Redefining the portrayal of Black men with ‘Black Men's Style’ (@BlkMenStyle).

Global News Weekend host Mike Arsenault interviews Samuel Tita, the founder of Black Men’s Style, an initiative that aims to redefine the portrayal of Black men in the media.


Established in 2019, BlkMenStyle was designed to change the narrative and perception of how Black men are viewed in the media and everywhere else. This movement was not only created to uplift the Black men within the community, but it was also created to inspire the future generation. For many years, Black men have been viewed as a threat, as thugs, and have been treated with little value. Black men are more than just the colour of their skin; they are innovators, business men, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles—they are humans who mean something to someone. Black men are more than what the media portrays them to be and they have so much to offer the world.

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