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Title: Beneath The Shade: the poetic self-discoveries and realizations of a fellow human
Author: Pearl-Catherine Tita

Description: This book consists of a thought provoking collection of poetry where the author encourages readers to fearlessly delve deep within themselves; unearthing discomforts, exploring the intangible, and becoming acutely self-aware. The author believes that if there is one person that you MUST be honest with every day of your life; it is yourself.

Midnight conversations 3 stack_edited.jpg

Title: Midnight Conversations

Author: Samantha Banton

Description: A juicy book of poems! It explores the intricacies of emotional confusion that comes with undefined relationships/situationships. Chapter one dives into the agony and uncertainty of
entangled lovers. Chapter two reveals the self-awareness and awakening that happens when one grows through what they go through. The final chapter is a step into self-love and acceptance that gives you
the strength to choose yourself over anyone and anything else.

Title: I Am Not My Struggles

Author: Randell Adjei

Description: A collection of poetry so honest and beautiful you won't want to put it down. Randell Adjei writes to know himself and to redeem himself, as well as to honor his mother, her homeland, and all the young people who come after him. I Am Not My Struggles is an urgent and necessary poetry collection, arriving at just the moment we need it most.


Title: Scriptures from the Sidewalk

Author: Derick Asante

Description: A collection of poetry written from the perspective of a young African man. Scriptures from the Sidewalk is a metaphor for the code of the streets and the rules without regulations of where the author grew up. This is an exquisitely created volume which compliments, as well as identifies with, the author's visual art skills. This book is for the urban at heart and the general population.


Title: Building Sloane

Author: Elle Emme

Description: Building Sloane follows newly single, Sloane Hayward across continents as she runs away from a broken heart and home. After finding out that her fiancé is a closet nymphomaniac, Sloane flees a life she thought was perfect; catching the first flight out of the country. When Sloane thinks she has lost hope in the male species, she meets Alexandre who shows her another side of life. But Sloane faces a reality check that could jeopardize her future and future love.

Title: Sweet & Sour Honey

Author: Michelle Richards-Graham

Description: First love can be an amazing experience, but what would you do if you found yourself in a situation that could mean the end of the relationship, and the end of your own life?

Title: My Stories Have No Endings

Author: Gayle Gonsalves

Description: Kai is a spirit child. She dips her ears into the wind where she hears voices that tell stories from the forgotten past. Though she grows up in poverty in Antigua, her quick mind wins her a scholarship to the island’s most prestigious all-girls’ school where she’s catapulted into a very different world. Her newfound friendships lead her to the joy of an unlikely first love. Through heartache and upheaval, Kai claims her storytelling voice, using the folklore of the

Ancestors that is whispered in the wind to make the lost stories from the past come to life.


Title: Honour Thy Brother
Author: Warren Abbey
Description: A fast paced urban-fiction crime novel taking place in Malvern, Toronto (where the author grew up). This story follows the main character, Rakim, as he contemplates exiting the gang lifestyle. However, the need to protect his loved ones leads him down a dangerous road.

Title: The Eastbrook Diaries

Author: Michelle Richards-Graham

Description:  Whenever Mya Brooks thinks about it, her palms get sweaty, she gets a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, and her mouth goes desert-dry. Starting high school can do that to a girl. She soon discovers that fitting in at Eastbrook High School is the key to survival.

Title: It Could Never Happen To Me

Author: Michelle Richards-Graham

Description: Thirteen-year-old Keisha Morgan is overwhelmed when her attractive new stepbrother takes an interest in her. When his interest becomes sexual, she must decide how to handle the shame and confusion that result from his actions. This book is a frank and realistic take on sexual activity and abuse among young teens. The story provides a point of reference for readers to talk about complicated subject matter that is often uncomfortable — for both youths and adults — to discuss.

Title: The Heart That Heals

Author: Elle Emme

Description: Orphaned Eden Case is in her first year of university juggling a full course load, and the challenge of coming out of her shell. As if living life on her own for the first time isn't enough stress, she is forced to deal with the torture and abuse she experienced at the hands of her father during her childhood and the tragic loss of her mother. 


Title: Changing Lanes: The First XXV
Author: Augustine Obeng
Description: Changing Lanes is a semi-autobiographical account that illustrates that it is indeed possible to “change your lane,” from a place of bleakness and uncertainty to one of light and hopefulness.

Title: Commitment To A Deceitful Liar

Author: Jenelle Simpson

Description: This book is a look inside the life of the author, raised in a West Indian home with all its beliefs and myths. Simpson struggled with telling all for this book, but the truth is the story, and Simpson reveals all of hers: sexual abuse, being raised with a stepfather, domestic violence and various struggles within the Black community unravels. Simpson uses some Jamaican patois to bring the Jamaican culture and its effect alive for her readers. Simpson masterfully intertwines the different cultures.

Title: Chronicles of Jane: The Jane Print

Author: Kamelah Blair

Description: An in depth survival story about a young girl who overcomes trauma, from being a daughter of two gangsters. She finds her voice in her teenage years from being forced to make adult decisions. In the first edition, she will map out her journey, but becomes stuck at a crossroad.

Title: I Am Brother Oji

Author: Mello Ayo

Description: In a world where the significant contributions of people of African ancestry are most often overlooked or given short-thrift, this book honours and highlights for global recognition the life, leadership and legacy of a young Canadian of African Caribbean descent who distinguished himself during a time of social controversy. Adisa S. Oji’s extraordinary story provides a window of illumination on how to break cycles of oppression and exploitation. His story is a source of fresh and thoughtful insight into what it means to be a person of African ancestry living in a predominantly white European milieu and calls attention to the effectiveness of efforts directed at addressing racial discrimination, inequity, and injustice.

Title: Chronicles of Jane Vol. 2: The Missing Pieces

Author: Kamelah Blair

Description: Experiencing constant flashbacks of traumatic events and memories, the main character fights with herself daily to make it look like everything is just fine. She struggles with relying on a life of crime to comfort financial difficulties and generational upbringings. Being stuck at a crossroad over the years, her path is created with speed limits to walk in her own purpose. 

Title: The Flip

Author: Francis Atta

Description: The Flip – Two books in one!

A 2-in-1 combo providing lived experience on how to flip challenging circumstances from negative to positive. A tool to support both youth and caregivers - one side provides tips for youth, then flip the book over and be provided with tips for caregivers. Read The Flip to understand how motivation and mentorship form the key building blocks to success. 

Finding My Voice-Standing Against Racism with shadows_edited.jpg

Title: Finding My Voice: Standing Against Racism

Author: Nadine White

Description: Nadine White exposes
anti-Black racism in workplaces, showing lived realities of systemic racism entrenched in various government organizations. The struggles to deal with relentless discrimination and injustice in the Canadian system created emotional trauma. Despite these challenges, allies of every race supported her along the way. But Nadine White’s ultimate survival depended on her identity, strength, and hope in God, which made her triumph over adversity.

Happily Whenever After with shadow_edited.jpg

Title: Happily Whenever After

Author: Bookie Adekanye

Description: Being single isn’t for the faint of heart. You easily become the guinea pig for friends, aunties, and relatives who have found the ‘perfect match’, or total strangers with ready answers for why you’re not married. Loneliness can be a constant companion as you wonder why the elusive Prince Charming is making you wait forever. As a single lady in her 40s, Bookie Adekanye has been there, done that, so she gets it. She’s here to help you shake free of the pressure and society’s labels so you can live into your purpose! 

Social Sciences

Title: You and What Army? Redefining Self and Community Kindle
Authors: Jesse Sanders, Matthew Wilmot  
Description: Dr. Jesse Sanders, PhD. & Dr. Matt Wilmot, PhD. were compelled to write a book that gave you permission to internally explore. We are capable of giving ourselves fully to others when living in a culture of conformity. Our attention to who we truly are can help to separate truth from fiction and allow for us to walk together with others in a path toward self-actualization. By extension then, when we recognize that others are walking in their truth, we can come to appreciate their authenticity and diversity. 


Title: Don't Be A Waste Yute: The Financial Literacy Guide
Authors: Dean Chambers & Craig Brown
Description: This book is geared towards the youth but it can be applied to anyone 13-years-old and up. Don't be a Waste Yute has commonly used Torontonian and Caribbean vernacular to make the content relevant and relatable to readers. The goal of this book is to lift up community members with an “each one teach one” mentality to better their relationship and management with money.

Title: Invest and Manifest: Let's Complete Those Assignments

Author: Kamelah Blair

Description: Let's add more to the things that make you awesome! Writing it down is one of the first steps. Over 100 pages of money saving tips, gratitude lists, birthday reminders, motivational quotes and much more!

Now that you understand the assignment, let's complete them and WIN!

economic resilience 3D 3_edited.jpg

Title: Economic Resilience: 3 Steps to Future-proofing Family Finances

Author: Felicia Joly

Description: Let's check out our game-changing e-book complete with quick-start guidelines and dynamic worksheets to begin building a solid plan for future-proofing your family's safety and financial stability—regardless of what's going on with the local or global economy.


Title: The ABCs of Menopause 
Authors: Gillianne Fuller
Description: Are you having hot flashes? Are you having anxiety, depression? Find yourself being more emotional? Experiencing vaginal dryness? Achy joints? Brittle hair? Heavy bleeding? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need The ABCs of Menopause. Here you will find the symptoms and ways to alleviate them.  


Title: Embracing the Valley

Author: J. Nadia Headley BS MA

Description: Embracing the Valley is a journey through the ups and downs of life with a reminder that there is purpose to it all. Nadia takes readers through the transformational process of shifting defeatist mindsets into powerful determinants of the future. These steps are punctuated with stories that dynamically illustrate the guidance provided. Allow yourself to renew, rediscover and relaunch regardless of the hard paths of life so you can define your vision, find your voice, determine the version of your story that you want to be told and live a life of victory.

Title: Lessons of a Love Addict

Author: Atia Heals

Description: Lessons of a Love Addict examines the cycles of toxic relationships and empowers you to discover authentic love for yourself and for others.

Title: The Ready Bride: A guide to healing the Bride of Christ

Author: Atia Heals

Description: This guide addresses the current, broken state of the church and how it has impacted the world, and takes you on a journey to healing and restoration.

Hidden Truths Broken Silence Book

Title: Hidden Truths, Broken Silence

Author: Christene Lewis

Description: This is a self-help book that many have compared to award winning author Sistah Souljah's, The Coldest Winter Ever. Christene Lewis takes you on a personal journey through her triumphs and tribulations, while taking back the label of the epitome of the girl who wasn't supposed to make it! This isn't just a book, but a message for the youth and leaders of around the world to build capacity among their communities, and continue to be a trusted adult, through accountability, respect and love. 

Title: The Miracle of You: Unlocking the Deposit of Greatness Within

Author: Sammy Kyereme

Description: This book is the culmination of the author's desire to energize and sustain readers to do what God has designed them for. He wants you to embrace all that you are in the here and now; making your world better and generations to come even more grateful that you came to the planet.

Title: Just BE Living The Dream

Author: Beverley Ellis

Description: Ever since Beverley was 8 years old, she dreamed of being in the entertainment business but was swiftly guided away from such frivolity. For over 30 years in Corporate Canada and working as a Certified Financial Planner she helped thousands of people identify and plan for their dream, until she broke. Beverley shares how she bounced from a breakdown to a breakthrough. Leaving the mundane of mediocracy, she re-scripted her life and in 9 months was propelled out of the corporate life and on to a Hollywood stage at the tender age of 59.

Title: The Miracle of You: Volume Two: Keys to Actualizing Your Purpose

Author: Sammy Kyereme

Description: Written for the visionary, leader or person in transition, The Miracle of You: Volume Two is a collection of lessons designed to empower and inspire those who are dedicated to bringing their purpose into fruition. Author Sammy Kyereme channels personal experiences, leadership nuggets and a commitment to faith-based principles to equip the reader for going to the next level.


Title: Once Broken
Author: Tanasha Smith
Description: Once Broken is intended for the young girl who struggles with mental health and has experienced traumatic life challenges, and has yet to come into her full self. If you have lost sight of your self-worth and dreams, this book will empower you to find the strength to master “self” and live your truth.


Title: High School Here I Come: Preparing For The Journey
Author: Marcella Penny Kowalchuk
Description: A guide book created to facilitate students' transition from elementary to high school. This book focuses on five themes, all connected to the student, and they include; Your Family, The School and Academic Environment, Friendships, Your Well-being and Safety, and most importantly, Being True to You. Each chapter contains insights, reflective questions and activities to help students cope with the challenges, successes, trials and joys of 
high school.

Be Inspired By MKO no shadow_edited.jpg

Title: Be Inspired By MKO Abiola
Author: Olamidotun Votu-Obada
Description: This is a chapter book about the life of MKO Abiola. A man who was a poor young boy who was inspired to achieve great things in life. He was a successful business man recognized both internationally and nationally. He was a man who influenced people and left a great mark in his lifetime. A presidential candidate in an African nation that defied all odds. A man with a legacy that still lives on even after he is long gone.

Children's Books

Title: Adria The Carnival Princess
Author: Ad’Ria Marley-Rae La Pierre

Description: The Carnival parade day is here, and this is the first time Adria is partaking in this celebration. She is excited and a bit nervous to go on stage and show off her fairy princess costume. Adria is in for an unforgettable adventure! Carnival is a huge celebration in the Caribbean and now worldwide. It is a celebration of freedom where masqueraders parade in beautiful hand built costumes, dance to Soca/Calypso music and eat cultural food.

Title: Another Superhero Day

Author: Shaniece Vassell

Description: Theo is a superhero-but, of course, only his mom knows that. Theo is also autistic. He is shy, unique, cool, and he doesn't like to be touched. One day at the amusement park, he is waiting in line for the Ferris wheel with his mom when he meets Latoya. Latoya is also autistic. She is outgoing, active, and very friendly. Theo and Latoya prove that autism does not stop them from being friends, leaders, and good examples of overcoming challenges.

Title: Black, Brown or White We All Feel

Author: Marswa Blossom Yarmeto

Description: Every day, a child is either happy or crying after school, sometimes due to the action of another child. This book aims to inspire all readers to do something small to make a difference in their communities, schools, and homes. It shares ways on how our children can engage with each other politely. Also, it brings awareness as to how our children can become accepting of others and how we can treat all with fairness, compassion, patience, gentleness and kindness.

Title: Child Of An Immigrant

Author: Sandra Anin

Description: This is a story about young Matilda and her Ghanaian family living in Canada. Her parents settled in the country in the late 80s with hopes of a better life. While learning to adjust to life, Matilda and her sister, Layla, struggle with finding their own identity outside of their family.

Title: I Love My Big Brother

Author: Theo Williams

Description: I Love My Big Brother is a children’s book written to highlight the black family. The story follows three brothers throughout the course of the day, and displays how much two brothers love and adore their big brother. Through humour and amazing illustrations, the readers will quickly see and feel the love these brothers share for each other.

Title: If Not Me, Then Who?

Author: Kwame Osei

Description: An inspiring story about an eagle who was raised among pigeons, through circumstances beyond his control. This story illustrates to young people that they can be more than what their current environment might have them believe. It reveals what can happen when a person decides to be true to his/her identity. The powerful imagery of the eagle in conjunction with the misconstrued perspective of the pigeon, makes this story an unforgettable tale and a must read for youth of all ages.

Title: Messy Marvyn & Friends: Messy Marvyn's Rainy Day Fun

Author: Cheryl M. Charles

Description: Messy Marvyn & Friends is about a group of friends from diverse backgrounds who have their own quirky personalities. Their differences don't matter. They accept each other just as they are, and they have a lot of fun along the way!

Title: Messy Marvyn & Friends: Cheery Clairey's Winter Wonderland #4

Author: Cheryl M. Charles

Description: Cheery Clairey is one of the happiest and cheeriest friends in the Messy Marvyn & Friends series. But does Clairey always have a smile on her face? No one is happy and bubbly all the time, and the same goes for Cheery Clairey. In this story, we take a quick trip back in time. You will learn about Clairey’s big move to Canada from Trinidad. How did Clairey feel when she had to leave her friends and family behind to set out on this new adventure with her parents? How will Cheery Clairey react when she finally sees her first snowfall? Will she truly enjoy the amazing winter wonderland? If you’ve ever had a big move, or if you’ve ever been the new kid in class, then this story is for you!

Title: My Ears Don't Work

Authors: Dornalee Saunders

Description: Zuli is a little girl struggling with self-acceptance and making new friends because of her challenges with being deaf and living with hearing loss. With the help of her sister, she faces her fears of friendships, gains confidence, and restores her self-esteem. Young readers of this book will learn a general introduction to sign language and will see friendship despite diverse differences. Helping young readers learn how to communicate and understand those who are deaf and living with hearing loss.

Title: The Amazing Zoe: A Queen Like Me!

Author: Valene Campbell

Description: Zoe and Kaitlyn love playing dress-up, but the fun of their playdate fizzles when Kaitlyn refuses Zoe the role of princess based on Kaitlyn's perception of what princesses look like. Sad and confused, Zoe returns home, where her mom and dad share the names and history of real African princesses and queens. Zoe’s parents use the disagreement between Kaitlyn and Zoe as an opportunity to educate Kaitlyn’s whole family on prominent African female leaders.

Title: The Best of Gray

Authors: Derick & Grayson Asante

Description: This is a great gift for families with children ages 4 to 8. A wonderful book that will not only assist in building self-appreciation and confidence in young girls today, but it will also assist in solidifying their identity. It is a great complementary piece to nurturing young brave souls navigating this new world.

Title: Two Homes

Author: Kabrena Robinson

Description: A vibrant and fun story that celebrates the beauty of multiculturalism and diversity. For many children of immigrant parents, having two or more places to call home comes with a great deal of excitement and adventure. In Two Homes, Eva, a cheerful 5-year-old, is equally proud of her Canadian and Jamaican roots and finds great pleasure in the beauty and differences of her two homes.

Title: But Mommy, Where is God?

Author: Keneisha Walters

Description: Inspired by childhood conversation with the author's son Jachym Kaj, this heartwarming bedtime read tells of a toddler's curiosity about God. This book tells the story of how his mother answered his many questions to reassure him that God's love is everywhere.

Title: Je suis parfaitement moi

Authors: Keonté  & Antonio Beals

Description: The French version of our top selling children's book I Am Perfectly Me, is perfectly translated for kids all across Canada and the world who speak fluent French. This book was translated in partnership with HRCE and Miguelle Legere. Continuing the message of representation, the book highlights BIPOC beauty and acts as an anti-bullying serum.

Title: Little Proud and Her Crown

Author: Binta Wagué

Description: Little Proud is a 5-year-old beautiful damsel, whose mother delights in doing her hair every Saturday until one day when she refuses to follow through with the ritual. Wanting to justify her act and escape the comments of her comrades, Little Proud unveils the reason for her refusal. How will Little Proud's mother make her change her mind and explain to her that her difference is wealth? Will Little Proud ever do her hair again?

Title: Watch Me Grow: The Preschool Edition

Author: Shani Jones

Description: This picture book is about a young boy, growing from a toddler to a preschooler—discovering all of the cool and amazing things his body can do.

Title: A Big Sister's Intuition 

Author: Stephanie Danso

Description: A book that encourages children to believe and follow their intuition. It also enables them to understand from their instinctive feeling rather than their conscious reasoning.

Title: Antics: The Tall Tail Of How The Tiny Ant Became The New King Of The Jungle

Author: J. K. Labi

Description: This is a motivational story. Perseverance. Tenacity. Faith. Belief in oneself. Having the odds stacked against you. The whole world seeing in you, one thing and you willing to put it all on the line to prove them wrong. The power of the mind. This is not just a story of triumph but of opportunity and making the best of your situation.

Title: Black, Brown or White We're All Beautiful

Author: Marswa Blossom Yarmeto

Description: This book reflects diversity and inclusion. The main objective is to inspire confidence and inspire self-love in children. The author wants for every child to feel worthy, included, seen, and to be appreciative of not only their own beauty; but the beauty of others. The author wants children to know that they are special and that they matter. Lastly, she wants for children to look beyond the physical and know that beauty is also internal.

Title: Crazy Farts

Author: Miles Muchemi

Description: Cosmo is a crazy scientist who invented a fart potion for Halloween day. In his lab, he mixed stinky, wiggly and bubbly ingredients. Cosmo named his fart potion "Silent but Ghastly"!...Unfortunately, it wasn't silent, but it was ghastly!

Title: I Wish Mommy Would Come Home

Author: Latoya Patterson

Description: Six-year-old Jada's mother has migrated to a new country with the promise of making a better life for the family. Jada struggles to understand her mother’s decision. Even though she now lives with her father, grandmother and her brothers she still yearns for her mother’s return. Armed with her doll, and a plan, Jada decides to takes matters into her own hands and tries to get her mother to return home.

Title: Knots In My Laces and Knots In My Tummy

Author: Julene Butler

Description: This is a children’s book that creatively illustrates how anxiety manifests itself in different situations. This book helps parents recognize opportunities to speak with their children about anxiety. Helping children recognize their anxiety is the first step towards managing their symptoms and facilitating their healing.

Title: Messy Marvyn & Friends: Chatty Patty's School Trip #2

Author: Cheryl M. Charles

Description: Patty has been waiting a long time to make another visit to the zoo and in this book, the day is finally here. Read along as Patty, her friends and their teacher embark on this day long adventure where they see amazing wild animals. They learn important facts about the beautiful animals from their tour guide Ms. Lopez and by sharing information as a class. The friends think about the importance of taking care of our planet and making it a healthy and safe place for all living things.

Title: Messy Marvyn & Friends: Grumpy Grace & The Christmas Concert #5

Author: Cheryl M. Charles

Description: Grumpy Grace is one of the loveable characters in the Messy Marvyn & Friends series. It’s Christmas time, and everyone around her is caught up in the holiday spirit. Grace’s day starts off with a fall, and then it goes downhill from there. She realizes that she is a lucky little girl who has the love of family and friends, and yet Grace feels grumpy. She just can’t get into the joyous festivities of the season.

Will Grace figure out what is causing her to feel gloomy and grumpy? Will she rise to the occasion and find her star within? Read along to find out.

Title: Mommy Lives Here & Daddy Lives There

Author: Victoria Daley

Description: This is a colourful picture book that shares a truthful message about co-parenting while celebrating the dreams, and love parents have for their children despite their circumstances.

Title: The Amazing Zoe and Grandma's Memory Box

Author: Valene Campbell

Description: Zoe loves to visit her grandma! But this time, she can’t help but feel that something is different. Her grandma has forgotten to bake Zoe’s favourite cookies, and sometimes she even forgets Zoe’s name! But luckily, Zoe’s mom is there to help her learn all about Alzheimer’s Disease. Zoe even devises a clever and creative way to help her grandma remember all her most treasured memories.

Title: This Is Why I Love You!

Author: Kimberly Samuels

Description: This book focuses on celebrating and embracing the beautiful love that the author's twin daughters share. It celebrates all the reasons to admire, care and adore one another. From kissing boos-boos to playing house, the twins add a personal and entertaining touch to their stories. The stories they share will recognize the importance of embracing and celebrating their Jamaican culture and beautiful melanin in every way!

Title: Hello Hair

Author: Anita Grant

Description: This book features 100 illustrated children’s hairstyles ranging from afros, braids, twists, locs and more! Inspired by 90's black hair magazines, Hello Hair is a picture book that encourages black girls to learn, love and build a relationship with their crown!

Title: I Am Perfectly Me

Authors: Keonté & Antonio Beals

Description: This book highlights BIPOC kids in hopes to empower them and let them know their differences are what makes them unique and beautiful. Representation is so important, especially in today's world. Follow each character in this book as they show you how perfect they are by being themselves.

Title: Koily Kurls Presents: The Girls With The Kurls-An Interactive Hair Book

Creators: Shenika Paris, Kyra Milan Brown & Kali Brown

Description: Don’t know what hairstyle to do this week? Look no further! Each page has a QR Code on it you scan with your smartphone or tablet to pull up a step-by-step hair tutorial. This book was created to make styling day a lot more enjoyable, but most importantly so young kids can see themselves and know their natural hair is beautiful.

Title: Little Hope Big Hope

Author: Anita Kissi

Description: A story that follows a group of young children of different races/cultures living in Hope Orphanage. While they are asleep and dreaming of their aspirations, a 'kangaroo fairy'; takes them on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and reconciliation. In the end, each child, regardless of their background and personal challenges, learns to overcome each "hopeless situation"; with hope, courage, and resolve. The author believes adults and children can learn and apply the book's lessons. The goal is that many remain empowered and inspired by its simple yet powerful message.

Title: Watch Me Grow: Lil Gardener Edition

Author: Shani Jones

Description: This picture book is about a mango tree growing from a small plant to an adult mango tree. In this book, we discover all of the resources the mango tree provides to the community and the family that loves and cares for it.

Title: A Piece of Black Cake For Santa

Author: Yolanda Marshall

Description: Femi and her friends planned to leave traditional Caribbean treats out for Santa, including Black Cake. The children shared warm wishes for their favourite dishes while enjoying winter activities at the Christmas fair. This book includes a Black Cake recipe for all to enjoy!

Title: Birthday Party At Daddy's House

Author: Victoria Daley

Description: Mia is overjoyed while celebrating her fifth birthday at Daddy's House-with a special guest; her Mommy! Mia is happy to celebrate her birthday with BOTH of her parents despite their living arrangements. This colourful picture book brings awareness to a topic that is often underrepresented.

Title: C is for Carnival

Author: Yolanda Marshall

Description: D is for dance! E is for emancipation! From A to Z, this is a rhyming alphabet book that celebrates Canada's Caribbean Carnival. This engaging and educational book features a diverse cast of children in vibrant costumes as they 'play mas' while dancing to Soca and Calypso music. A glossary at the end makes it easy for readers, including parents and teachers, to review what they have learned.

Title: Four Became Five

Author: Stephanie Danso

Description: This book covers several important topics such as inclusion,

positivity, diversity, and more, in a way children can understand. This book is

perfect for children to read with their families!

Title: Idia of the Benin Kingdom