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Sandra Anin

Sandra Anin was born and raised in Jane and Finch, one of Toronto's most dangerous neighborhoods. Despite her surroundings, Sandra defeated many barriers placed in her path along the way. She was able to avoid falling into the margins of negative statistics placed on the youth living in her community. Sandra is of African descent, her roots stemming from the Ghanaian Ashanti tribe. She has always been intrigued by her cultural heritage, and over time, she became very passionate about her lineage. From the country itself to the Ghanaian society, Sandra developed an insatiable appetite for “everything Ghana”. 

She also cultivated a second love and passion—a desire to learn the law. Many of 
Sandra's peers didn't know this, but her admiration and love for the legal system started at an early age. Her lifelong commitment to learn the law led her to major in Criminal Justice Studies in college and is currently licensed as a Paralegal. 

Sandra also spent many of her young adult years learning and performing cultural 
dancing and acting. She is specifically fond of African entertainment, known in her community as one of the veteran Canadian female masters of ceremony and hostess. 

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys giving back to her community through volunteer work 
as an advocate for black women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and children’s education. Sandra's tireless contributions to her community hasn't gone unnoticed. She has been recognized as 1 of the 100 black Canadian women inducted as a role model in Toronto for her community efforts, contributions, and achievements. 

From advocating for women’s empowerment and body positivity to her career goals, 
Sandra is a one woman show who commands respect with her presence. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she hopes to inspire other little girls to dream big like she did as a child. Her goal is to encourage women of all ages through prayer, faith, and action. Nothing in life is impossible. Go after your dreams.

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