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Kelvin Nyeusi-Mawazo 

Kelvin Nyeusi-Mawazo (pronounced "NIGH – OO – SEE" – "MA – WAH – ZO") is an author, illustrator, and owner of the publishing company named Black Sun Comics. They create African-centered sci-fi/fantasy comics and graphic novels (Afrofuturism). Their books mix science, technology, magic and monsters with the timeless sophistication of black and white fine art. Set in an alternate universe on a planet named Alkebulan, "Black Sun: The Longest Night" is a graphic novel series that follows a group of unlikely heroes who must band together to reclaim their world from a ruthless, invading alien armada. Born and raised in Toronto (GTA), Canada, Kelvin uses the skills he's acquired as a Photographer, Front-end Web Developer, and College Instructor to digitally illustrate his books and teach others how to do the same via his YouTube channel. He is a self-proclaimed nerd, lover of science fiction, lo-fi instrumental Hip Hop, post-apocalyptic movies, and on occasion, retro gaming.

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