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Gayle Gonsalves 

Gayle Gonsalves is an established storyteller. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, such as The Bluelight Corner; In the Black; The Black Notes; Tongues of the Ocean; and So the Nailhead Bend and So The Story Ends. Her first book, Painting Pictures and Other Stories, is a collection of lyrical short stories of love and betrayal, reflection and reconciliation in Canada and in Antigua. My Stories Have No Endings, her first novel, received 6 Indie Awards (2021 NIEA Finalist, 2021 CIPA EVVY Award – 2 nd Place;  2021 NYC Big Book Award - Distinguished Favorite; 2022 Independent Press Award - Distinguished Favorite; 2022 The Next Generation Indie Book Award - Winner (Multi-cultural Fiction);  and 2022 The Global Book Award – Gold Prize Winner (Worldwide Fiction)). Gonsalves enriches her narrative my evoking colours, textures and shapes with words. Gonsalves has lived in Antigua and Canada, and is a graduate of York University in Toronto, the city where she currently lives and writes.

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