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Bookie Adekanye

Bookie Adekanye is the author of Happily Whenever After. She has not only navigated the challenges that come with being an African single lady in her forties, she has also helped many other single women thrive by creating a community that fosters peer support and safe spaces.  Bookie's passion is to see people live happy and purposeful lives, irrespective of their status and station in life. The book idea for Happily Whenever After started as a Facebook series titled Diaries of a Mature Single Lady in 2013. The series was then self-published in 2018 and re-published by Oasis International, USA in November, 2022. Bookie's signature humor and honesty has continued to endear her to her readers. She is also a certified counselor, entrepreneur, tourism specialist, lover of nature, and mentor to young people. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada.

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