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Nadine White

Nadine White, the author of the memoir, Finding My Voice: Standing Against Racism, and her forthcoming memoir, Surviving in a Nursing Home: The Reality of Life Behind the Scenes believes in advocating for the most vulnerable people in society and the power of communication in building relationships. She is a mediator with many experiences empowering others to deal with difficult situations. Her picture books include the Penniboy series: Baby Bunny’s Amazing Adventure, Penniboy: A Bratty Bunny, and Penniboy Goes To School. Nadine has a post-bachelor Certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University, a Q. Med designation from the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO), a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University, and a Bachelor of Adult Education from Brock University. She lives in Ontario, Canada, with her family and a bunny, where she is hard at work on her last picture book in the Penniboy series and a novel.

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