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Chanelle Wright

Founder of the company The Wright Concepts, Chanelle Wright specializes in the production of Planner Stickers and Accessories. Chanelle joined the 'planner community' while she was on maternity leave. The 'planner community' is a community for those who enjoy planning in journals or agendas, and using crafts and stickers to create themed layouts. When buying stickers at Michaels, Chanelle noticed that their sticker selection was not representative of what her daily life looks like, nor did they have stickers for people of colour. She chose to create her own stickers and planner accessories for black people, and has received many great reviews from other black planners who are appreciative of the representation. While this is the main focus of The Wright Concepts, they do sell other products that are helpful to the community, and also sell stickers for Caucasians and other skin tones. In the company's most recent venture, they have started providing logos, label instructions, and insert cards for local small businesses. One of their highlights being "Mila's Medley", who now has her products featured in the "Black Owned T.O" Store in Scarborough Town Center.

*The Wright Concepts has numerous repeat customers.

*Over 5500 sales on Etsy

*Proudly black owned

*Looking for more small business owners to collaborate with

*Bulk available

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