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Derick Asante and Grayson Elise Akua Asante

Derick Asante is the father of two of the coolest, smartest and kind-hearted children, Grayson and Miles. He is a husband, an author, a poet and a visual artist. Born in Ghana (West Africa), Derick Asante is a humble seeker of knowledge who simply loves to learn, create and laugh. He is known for his first self-published book of poetry Scriptures from the Sidewalk. His second book, The Best of Gray, co-written with his daughter, would then be inspired by a poem he wrote for her; where he reminds her that she is, and will always be, more than enough.

Grayson Elise Akua Asante is the talented 6-year-old daughter of Derick Asante. She is a creative who is easily inspired by the simple things in life. She has a big heart, a huge imagination and a love for books. She is currently in senior kindergarten and loves creating art with Legos, recycled items, painting, drawing and more. The Best of Gray is her first published work.

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