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Anita Kissi

Author, musician, motivational speaker, and lawyer, Anita Kissi is humbled she gets to touch little hearts internationally through her debut book, “Little Hope Big Hope”. She is a Juris Doctor graduate specializing in both Australian and Canadian Law with minor in American legal studies. She is passionate about Children's Rights and received certification through Harvard University's online ground-breaking program, “Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory and Practice”. 

Little Hope Big Hope is a product of Anita’s vision to uplift and encourage children of all backgrounds. Seeing the state of the world, she believes children and parents can be equipped with elementary, esteem-boosting resources to become healthy, thriving individuals in society. Her personal journey of overcoming life’s obstacles with hope and volunteering with children taught her children develop a positive outlook and healthy mindset, it carries on into their

adult life.

So much has happened since "Little Hope Big Hope" was introduced...the cataclysmic pandemic, increased gun violence, worsening climate change, economic uncertainties and more.

Educational psychologist and CNBC contributor, Michele Borba shares: "I’ve seen firsthand how the troubling events of today are taking a toll on our children". “It’s hard to stop thinking about bad stuff,” an 11-year-old told me recently. “Sometimes I worry about waking up".

Without the right tools to manage adversity, hopelessness can set in, declining a child's’ overall well-being. That's why the vision of Little Hope Big Hope was supported by publishers convinced that the author's positive message needed to be shared. Since then, many children, parents and readers of all ages proclaim its impact.

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