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Victoria Daley

Victoria Daley is a new children's book author, she is also a Community Service Worker and Educator. The most important role she plays is being a mother to her beautiful daughter Paige Mia Jones, who inspired the chronicles of Mia's World Book Series. Her first addition to the series, Mommy Lives Here & Daddy Lives There was officially launched on January 26, 2020. Birthed from her own co-parenting experiences, she notes that this journey has been nothing short of amazing.

Daley feels that what is most gratifying, is to be able to be transparent about her own co-parenting experiences; in hopes to encourage the conversation amongst children and parents. Her biggest role as an author is to inspire those around her through her story and books. She loves seeing the smiles of her new readers’ faces and hearing about the wonderful discussions that have taken place following their readings. She is most humbled by her personal experiences and it gives her great gratitude to be able to share that all with the world. Daley is excited to take you all along Mia’s journey and hopes you all enjoy the series.

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