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Samira Abubaker

Samira Abubaker is an up-and-coming entrepreneur and a registered early childhood educator. She's been working with children of all ages for 10 years. Samira is the owner of two business— and Resinart by is where she helps children and adults use art as a therapy tool in dealing with difficult times. Samira has put together affirmation workshops, and hosted both kids' and children's paints . She believes children are the future and all children are talented; it just takes the right tools! Samira encourages art because art allows you to try many different things and explore. Her second business called Resinart by Samiira, specializes in abstract and resin. Resin is a product that can be used to make items such as bags, earrings, chess sets and many more accessories. Samira created The Ten Days of Happiness colouring book to help children use it as a tool to help during difficult times. She feels that it is important for children to have an outlet and a safe place to express themselves. 

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