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Sam Tita

Sam Tita is an Author, Bible Teacher, and Philanthropist. In 2007 Sam heeded the Matthew 28:19-20 call to go preach the Gospel. It was a time in his life that some considered inexpedient to launch into ministry. He was still newly saved and inexperienced in traditional Christian Ministry. As it turned out, that was a good thing because he was oblivious to the types of religious activities and mindsets that plagued and stifled many seasoned Christians. Besides being inexperienced, Sam was broke! The fledgling technology business he and his wife Naomi founded the year before was struggling badly amidst competition and a world economy at the cusp of entering a meltdown. As a result of their financial quagmire, their small home was about to be foreclosed on. But then Sam discovered the Matthew 6:33 promise and decided to test God’s Word. With his mind made up to pursue the call of duty in Matthew 28:19-20 and his utter reliance on God’s promises in Matthew 6:33, everything changed. Today Sam is the CEO of two successful businesses, the author of several books and a ministry that impacts thousands across Canada and around the world via TV, speaking and print media. He and Naomi are co-executive producers of Kingdom Buzz and co-publishers of iiNFLUENCE, a contemporary Christian lifestyle magazine. The mandate of Sam Tita Ministries is to teach and equip destiny-thirsty Christians to harness their gifting and leverage the power of God’s Word in the fulfillment of their own God-given visions and God’s call on their lives.

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