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Candace McLaren and Alysha Dayle of S.A.G.E Learning Resources

S.A.G.E, “Where supporting achievements through goals and empowerment is essential.”

S.A.G.E Learning Resources was established in 2020 by Candace McLaren and Alysha Dayle to give children a fun and interactive way of learning. During a time where virtual and at home learning had become the new norm; their goal was to help children to develop the confidence to learn at their highest potential while utilizing different styles of learning. Both Candace and Alysha work in the Social Service sector and recognize that all children learn and develop differently. Candace began creating these educational learning materials for her students and felt that she could assist parents to facilitate their at home teaching by using resources that fit their child’s individual learning needs.

Alysha has faced her own personal challenges with her daughter and the lack of inequality within the educational system. She started creating resources at home and developed different strategies to teach her daughter and help build her confidence. S.A.G.E Learning Resources, hopes to continue to grow their platform and is not limited to creating the educational resources you may need for your child’s learning. S.A.G.E Learning Resources is all about inspiring and empowering, as well as giving children the necessary tools to succeed.

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