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Mell​o Ayo

A multidimensional creative thinker, Mello Ayo is a writer, poet, and speaker who seeks to transform, uplift, inspire, and connect with others through the power of words, sounds, and images. Born in Jamaica in the town of Falmouth, Trelawny, he was raised in the salubrious hills of Brown’s Town in the parish of St. Ann. His most recent publication is titled Good Morning, Afrika!, which self-published in Fall 2016. A photo-travel journal, Good Morning, Afrika! is based on a trip to Ghana in Autumn 2015. Other self-published works include Love Rhapsodies and Blues, a collection of love poems with a revised edition published 2002. Mello’s work has also been included in T-Dot Griots, An anthology of Toronto’s Black Storytellers, as well as in a book titled Stories We Don’t Tell .

Mello, who has a BA in history and social sciences and an undergraduate degree in social work, is a student of philosophy, history, politics, and sociology with an interest in movements for social change, anti-oppression, and human rights—passions that were ignited during his tenure as a research officer at the National Library of Jamaica. A former Canadian public sector professional with three decades of experience in organizational effectiveness, transformational change, diversity, and inclusive leadership, Mello has brought all his brilliance to bear in this, his latest literary breakthrough. Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, he is a proud father and grandfather.

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