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Keonté Beals

Keonté Beals is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter, musician, producer, performer, author and entrepreneur from North Preston, Nova Scotia. In 2021 Keonté self-published his first children’s book Am Perfectly Me alongside his younger brother Antonio Beals. The book went on to sell over 800 copies and lead to Keonté's company, KBeals Entertainment, opening its publishing sector in 2022 following a launch of Je suis parfaitement moi - an Acadian French translation of their popular English release. Keonté and KBeals Entertainment headlined a Nova Scotian school tour presenting to thousands of kids all across the province in places such as Annapolis Royal and Cape Breton to name a few. Keonté is incredibly multi-talented. Not only did he write the book with his brother Antonio - he also illustrated it.

"When people experience my writing I want them to feel love. To feel a sense of belonging. To feel safe. To feel welcomed no matter their religion, nationality or background. We are all beautiful in our own way but we are also more alike than we are different and the moment we recognize this fact will be a powerful leap in the right direction."

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