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Julene Butler

Julene Butler is a wife, daughter, sister, and mother of three beautiful children. She is the author of Knots In My Laces Knots In My Tummy. She believes in striving to do her best at all times, taking leaps in faith, and trusting God in the process. Julene Butler is a Child and Youth practitioner. She enjoys working with children and youth who have difficulty maintaining attendance in a regular school environment, because of social/emotional difficulties and challenges with mental health.

Julene is passionate about supporting children and youth to reach their full potential and strive for excellence. In her spare time Julene enjoys writing blogs to empower, and embrace, girls and women to be strong, proud, and accepting of who they are. Julene is a graduate from Ryerson University where she completed the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Child and youth Care. Julene continues to progress her passion for writing children’s books and her enthusiasm for providing opportunities for parents and children to talk openly about their experiences.

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