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Cheryl Charles

Cheryl is a retired teacher from Waterloo, Ontario. Most of her career was spent at Sandhills Public School as an English teacher in the primary French Immersion Program. Becoming a teacher was life-changing! Cheryl was the teacher but her students also taught her many invaluable lessons. Like her own children, Cheryl observed the students developing friendships. These friendships weren’t defined by race, religion, gender, or personalities. Cheryl observed that kids were naturally sociable. For the most part, children have open hearts and make friends without judgment. It didn’t mean that their friendships always ran smoothly without ‘bumps’ along the way, but her kids didn’t use their differences as a reason not to get to know each other and form bonds. Cheryl marveled at these admirable qualities that adults should recognize, praise, and embrace as they cherish the friends that they have and at the same time, reach out to form new friendships. 

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