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Sophia Jackson

Sophia radiates creativity. She is passionate about highlighting the connection between mental well-being and financial well-being and advocates for people to be financially responsible, independent and protected. Her main goal is to positively impact the lives of others, having them feel better and be better after connecting with her, as she makes this exciting career path her spiritual and financial livelihood. She feels very deeply about people and especially BIPOC women, investing in ways to live their best lives, financially, spiritually, psychologically and physically. Sophia believes in leading by example, and showing practical ways that clients can benefit from multiple streams of income, diversification of income and self development.

Sophia has written and produced two albums utilizing her vocal and lyrical prowess. She has expanded her talent as a word smith and is now also an author of two affirmation colouring books for adults which helps her to set a tone of calm to introduce her concepts of financial literacy as a mental health concern. Having worked as a dynamic highly skilled Child and Youth Counselor for the past 7 years has equipped her to distill heady financial terms as a licensed financial well-being coach.

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