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Michelle Richards-Graham

Michelle Richards-Graham writes bold and unapologetic young adult books about first love, complicated friendships, broken homes, abuse, and the difficult decisions to be made in the middle of it all. Michelle wrote the first draft of her first book, It Could Never Happen to Me, when she was 14 after she had been molested. Writing was the only way Michelle knew how to cope until she found the courage to tell someone what had happened to her. Becoming an author had been Michelle’s childhood dream, so she continued writing and chose to focus on some of the issues teens may face on the path from youth to adulthood.

Michelle has made speaking appearances at schools and events hosted by groups and organizations that support adolescents. She was an English major at York University and graduated with a B.A. She also received an Arts Acclaim Award from the City of Brampton (where she grew up) for her achievements in independent publishing. 

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